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QwikData2 Basic System

$ 1,715.95

The QwikData2 Basic Kit is for users not requiring EGTs and have a limited amount of Analog Channels. The Basic System LCU contains 1 Meg. of Logging Memory, 2 Internal G sensors, LCU Voltage and LCU Internal Temperature. The Logger and Harnesses are configured for 8 Analog Inputs, 4 Thermistor Type Temperature Inputs, 3 Digital Inputs and 1 switched output. The kit includes a Logger Control Unit, Logger Mount, Complete Harness (no fabrication necessary), 1 Wheel Speed sensor with 2 Cobalt Magnets, 1- 10ft. USB Communication Cable, Software CD and Installation Instructions. Fabricate your own additional harness to the 24 pin Advanced connector for up to 12 additional Analog and 3 additional Digital channels.

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